Utilities & Services

  Wastewater Treatment

The 25 MGD Kankakee River Metropolitan Agency treatment plant treats industrial and residential wastewater and was built with economic growth in mind. The Metro plant is currently operating at 62% of capacity. For more information, call 933-0444.

  Hydroelectric Power

In 1991, the City of Kankakee completed a conservation plan that included a 1200 kilowatt hour hydroelectric plant at the Washington Avenue dam. The hydroelectric plant, designed to meet the strictest environmental standards, provides a portion of electricity for the KRMA Treatment Plant. For more information, call 815-933-0446.

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The Kankakee River, one of the cleanest in the state of Illinois, supplies the area's water. Consumer's Illinois Water operates at a design capacity of 18 MGD and an average consumption of 10 MGD, ensuring a high quality, uninterrupted water supply. Storage capacity at the plant is 5 MGD, and peak consumption is 13 MGD.  For more information call 815-935-8800.

  Natural Gas

Natural gas is supplied by Northern Illinois Gas Co., which has its Area Headquarters in Kankakee. N.I. Gas is the largest supplier of utility energy in Illinois, and the fifth largest nationwide. Access to five major interstate pipeline systems allows N.I. Gas to keep rates lower than the national average and guarantee uninterrupted service to business and residential customers.  For more information or in case of emergency call 815-937-3405.


Two major Commonwealth Edison nuclear generating plants are located near Kankakee, ensuring an ample and uninterrupted electricity supply. Com Ed offers cost reduction programs for manufacturing businesses in Kankakee. For more information or to report an outage call 800-334-7661


Kankakee has the latest in enhanced telecommunication services. Digital switching provides high-speed transmission, exceptional clarity, and greater capacity at no additional cost to customers. Fiber optic capability means customers have access to any of the interactive communication services, including video conferencing and classroom training. Ameritech, formerly Illinois Bell, is the local supplier of telephone and cellular services.



HughesNet Satellite Internet









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